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Released July These are quantity of cards for the Star Trek Next Generation series All cards available are shown in the photos front and back. They are used, however, and have been played with and handled. Some of them show more signs of wear than others. But, non of them are ripped, torn, harshly creased etc. Thanks so much for looking. Please let me know if you have any questions. The card features an authentic autograph from Lydia Wilson portraying Kalara.

Plus 5 card Foreign Language subset. Set of Trading Cards. Exact card set as shown. Star Trek 25th Anniversary. Star Trek trading cards. Factory fresh. The set is from the series. Inaugural Series Trading Cards. DATED This official 3-Ring Trading card Storage Binder was published by SkyBox in and is in excellent unused condition. Results Pagination - Page 1 1 2 3 4 5 6.

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A Star Trek Voyage - TOS S02E04 Mirror, Mirror

Best Offer. Who my daughter loved was her own choice. He thumbed through its pages for a moment, as if consulting it for some elusive fact.

This was part habit and part theater on the attorney's part. As I said, who she loved was her concern. P'Thall, considering her love for Aaron Cole cost your family both honor and stature among the other clans, as well as a good deal of business. I thought you had arranged for your daughter to marry into the D'Quas, the family clan of your biggest customer, and when she refused, the D'Quas stopped doing business with you.

Jackie then handed him several sheets of paper. Cogley took the papers, then turned back to P'Thall, who looked at him with fury seething behind his eyes. Then, very slowly and very deliberately, P'Thall said, "You were misinformed. Cogley turned to the prosecutor and calmly said, "I apologize and withdraw the comment. For now.

P'Thall, what is this?

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At first all expression leeched from his pale blue face. Then the fury that had burned in his eyes consumed his entire face. This was a private correspondence. I will have you arrested for stealing it from my office.

What TOS "things" would you like to see on this show? | Page 5 | The Trek BBS

P'Thall, has a recipient and a sender. In this case, you were the recipient. But after I explained to the D'Quas -- the senders of this correspondence -- what I needed and why, they were only too happy to supply me with a copy. They seemed delighted at the prospect of spreading word of the end of their dealings with you far and wide. To whoever would listen. P'Thall, do you really think the jury could hear you when you're talking so softly?

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No matter, the record can reflect that you said, 'yes. Is that correct? Remember, answer loudly. So you didn't come here just to learn more about humans, did you? You came here because Daleel was already here with Aaron. You came here to break them up, yes? And we were successful. Daleel did break off her relationship with him. That's why he killed her. But no matter, you said she did and so she must have. After all, you're an honorable man. But what I really wonder is, how do you know Aaron killed your daughter?

You didn't see Aaron kill Daleel, did you? And how long did it take you to get to New Paris from your island?

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I believe the word you humans use is 'quaint. Daleel was alone on the island. She didn't wish to accompany us to the opera and stayed behind. Flight isn't possible on Versailles, so the only means of getting to the island is by boat. The records of the harbormaster show that the only boat that went to our island was the one your client hired and that he was alone when he made the trip. As he was the only person who could have been on the island, he must have murdered Daleel, then fled afterwards. He says Daleel called him on his comm, asking him to come to the island so they could talk it out.

But when he got there, he saw she had been strangled and was already dead. He panicked. He figured he'd be blamed and went into hiding. Made him look guilty. But you know what? I believe him. Cogley had read his witness well. How can you believe your client, when he was the only other person who could have been on the island and, by simple logic, the only person who could have killed Daleel? P'Thall, but since you're grieving over the loss of your daughter, I'll answer yours.

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Obviously, someone else was on the island. There was no possible way for someone else to get to the island. P'Thall's reaction was immediate. This time, his laugh was full and not combined with a snort. Before you suggest the impossible, I would suggest you familiarize yourself with transporter operation. Why impossible? As no spaceship is allowed to land on the moon and ruin its sentimental ambience, a transporter is used to ferry visitors from orbiting ships down to this little vacation paradise.

An entire moon separates it from New Paris.