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The Branches, the Axe, the Missing. The Poetics of American Song Lyrics , editor. University Press of Mississippi, January Demeter Press, Canada Featured poet.

Income Inequality and Economic Development Incentives in US States: Robin Hood in Reverse?

Selection of three poems and interview. Re Online. Featured poet on Poem of the Week. Humanities Tennessee, VI: Tennessee. Jesse Graves and William Wright. Huntsville: Texas Review Press, Knoxville: Tennessee UP, This post is part of a series of personal essays that reflect on the intersections between science, poetics, and my teaching.

April November June 2, Video Poem.

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October and nominated for Best of the Net award. Reprinted in Booth 10 Online and Print.


October 17 Online and reprinted in The Nashville Scene , Sept 27, Negative Capability Press. Champaign, Illinois. July 2, Dash Literary Magazine. May Barbeau, K. Photochemistry of organic iron III complexing ligands in oceanic systems. Blain, S. Effect of natural iron fertilization on carbon sequestration in the Southern Ocean. Nature , — Bowie, A.

Biogeochemical iron budgets of the Southern Ocean south of Australia: decoupling of iron and nutrient cycles in the subantarctic zone by the summertime supply. Global Biogeochem. Cycles 23, 1— The fate of added iron during a mesoscale fertilisation experiment in the Southern Ocean.

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  • Review: the energetic value of zooplankton and nekton species of the Southern Ocean | SpringerLink.
  • Review: the energetic value of zooplankton and nekton species of the Southern Ocean.
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II 48, — Biogeoscience 12, — Boyd, P. FeCycle: attempting an iron biogeochemical budget from a mesosclate SF6 tracer experiment in an unperturbed low iron waters. Cycles GB4S Episodic enhancement of phytoplankton stocks in New Zealand subantarctic waters: contribution of atmospheric and oceanic iron supply. Cycles GB The biogeochemical cycle of iron in the ocean.

Biotic and abiotic retention, recycling and remineralization of metals in the ocean. Mesoscale iron enrichment experiments synthesis and future directions. Science , — Boye, M. Organic complexation of iron in the Southern Ocean. I Oceanogr. Papers 48, — Significant portion of dissolved organic Fe complexes in fact is Fe colloids.

Bruland, K. Sinking rate of fecal pellets from gelatinous zooplankton Salps, Pteropods, Doliolids. Google Scholar. Bucciarelli, E.

EAA Airventure Oshkosh 2018 Day 1 Highlights and Recap [4K]

Iron and manganese in the wake of the Kerguelen Islands Southern Ocean. Buesseler, K. Shedding light on processes that control particle export and flux attenuation in the twilight zone of the open ocea. Cabanes, D. First evaluation of the role of salp fecal pellets on iron biogeochemistry. Cassar, N. The Southern Ocean biological response to aeolian iron deposition. Charette, M. Radium isotopes as tracers of iron sources fueling a Southern Ocean phytoplankton bloom.

II 54, — Cisewski, B. Upper-ocean vertical mixing in the Antarctic Polar Front Zone. II Top. Clarke, A. Adult antarctic krill feeding at abyssal depths. Croot, P. Continuous shipboard determination of Fe II in polar waters using flow injection analysis with chemiluminescence detection. Acta , —, doi: Baltimore, MD: John Wiley. Importance of iron for plankton blooms and carbon dioxide drawdown in the Southern Ocean.

Demer, D. Bias in acoustic biomass estimates of Euphausia superba due to diel vertical migration. Duce, R. Atmospheric transport of iron and its deposition in the ocean.


Dulaiova, H. Shelf-derived iron inputs drive biological productivity in the southern Drake Passage. Duprat, L. Enhanced Southern Ocean marine productivity due to fertilization by giant icebergs. Dupuy, C. Trophic relationships between metazooplankton communities and their plankton food sources in the Iles Eparses Western Indian Ocean. Falkowski, P. Biogeochemical controls and feedbacks on ocean primary production. Frants, M. Analysis of horizontal and vertical processes contributing to natural iron supply in the mixed layer in southern Drake Passage.

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Fung, I. Iron supply and demand in the upper ocean. Glob Biogeochem. Cycles 14, — Gledhill, M. Determination of complexation of iron III with natural organic complexing ligands in seawater using cathodic stripping voltammetry. Production of siderophore type chelate mixed bacterioplankton populations in nutrient enriched seawater incubations.

Guieu, C. Impact of high Saharan dust inputs on dissolved iron distributions in the Mediterranean Sea. Hassler, C.