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Where be Dragon? Taken by the Dragon.

C.M. Simpson Publishing

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Laura Lond. At first glance, there was nothing about him that distinguished him from any of the countless would-be heroes who had passed through this tavern over the past few months. A closer inspection however revealed a look of haunted horror in his eyes. His finery dripped rainwater into a sodden puddle at his feet and he leaned forward to cradle his head in his hands. Behind him, always three paces behind. I was spoiled for choice with all the differing, iconoclastic interpretations of the nun and dragon theme.

It is well worth a read. There are a lot of kick arse martial Nuns in this book. Diversity is good. The stories follow on nicely from each other, making for a smooth read despite multiple voices.

An Anthology of Those Who Walk Among Us by C.M. Simpson

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